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Golf Report - 5th December 2021

After a few busy weeks at the golf club with a weekend wine bar, a men’s tournament, a wedding and an AGM, things were quieter this week and golfers were able to concentrate on their game.

On Saturday both the men and ladies played a stroke round for the December monthly medal. The men’s winner with an excellent nett 66 was Yewls Kuan (13) and to keep it in the family his brother Ming (13) was the runner up with nett 72. The ladies winner was Lesley Rundle (33) with nett 74 followed by Margaret Blair (29) with nett 77. The nearest the pins were won by Brian Worcester, Ming Kuan and Gail Leigh and Brian and Ming won the golden shot. The putting was won by Richy Clark with 24 putts.

Next week the medal of medalists will be played when all 2021 medalists compete for the title. Those competing are Peter Doery, Steve Coker. Richy Clark, Ming Kuan, Ray Jones. Colin Davies, Ross Ansell, Yewls Kuan, Miriam Page, Gail Leigh, Margaret Blair, Jody Doran, Heather Jenkins and Lesley Rundle. All other golfers will also play a stroke round.

Our thanks to Jillian Chandler, Kay and Gleywnis for all their hard work this week cleaning out one of the rooms in the clubhouse. Well done ladies.

Lesley Rundle

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