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Hole by Hole

The front 9 at Marysville is relatively flat to play but this does not mean it is easy!

The back 9 is where the fun begins as you make your way up and down

the fairways and along the river.

NOTE: Some holes below have a video flyover link at the bottom of its description.

Course Layout with Holes 001.png
tee 001.png
Tee 002.png
Tee 003.png

Hole 1

Mens - 483m - Par 5

Womens - 473m - Par 5

A long opening hole will test every level of golfer. With a slight dogleg right and the fairway dropping away at the mid point of the hole means some good shot making is needed.


Hole 2

Mens - 268m - Par 4
Womens - 225m - Par 4
A short par 4 that requires some straight shooting both off the tee and as you approach the green.

Hole 3

Mens - 469m - Par 5
Womens - 459m - Par 5
With a dog leg on this hole you need to make sure you approach it from the right half of the fairway. The green sits up which requires a good shot to hold it.

Tee 004.png
Tee 005.png
Tee 006a.png

Hole 4

Mens - 135m - Par 3
Womens - 127m - Par 3
The first of the par 3's requires a straight hit off the tee to a small green. Avoid the water on the left if you can!

Hole 5

Mens - 270m - Par 4
Womens - 230m - Par 4
Although a short par 4 there is plenty of things to get in the way with the slight dog leg right.

Hole 6

Mens - 260m - Par 4
Womens - 240m - Par 4
The big hitters can be tempted to go for this one but watch out for the tear drop tree on the right!

Tee 007.png
Tee 008.png
Tee 009.png

Hole 7

Mens - 235m - Par 4
Womens - 225m - Par 4
Being the shortest par 4 on the course, and rated the easiest for the men, doesn't make this hole easy! Water surrounding the green and a sloping green are challenging.

Hole 8

Mens - 390m - Par 4
Womens - 377m - Par 5
As you head back towards the clubhouse you are challenged with a long straight hole. Stay on the fariway to have a chance at par!

Hole 9

Mens - 189m - Par 3

Womens - 179m - Par 3

A tough par 3 to finish out the front nine. Trouble all the way up the right creates headaches of their own. A tiered green means more challenges to finish things off.


Tee 010.png
Tee 011a.png
Tee 012.png

Hole 10

Mens - 303m - Par 4

Womens - 293m - Par 4

And away we go with the back nine!


Hole 11

Mens - 158m - Par 3

Womens - 121m - Par 3

Watch out for the water!


Hole 12

Mens - 439m - Par 5

Womens - 389m - Par 5

Time to kick a goal, or is that thread the needle? Then you need to get ready to climb!


Tee 013.png
Tee 014.png
Tee 015.png

Hole 13

Mens - 290m - Par 4

Womens - 275m - Par 4

There is more fairway than you think but with bush to the right and water to the left keep it straight!


Hole 14

Mens - 316m - Par 4
Womens - 282m - Par 4
Down over the river and then a climb up to the green.
How's the fitness level?

Hole 15

Mens - 374m - Par 4

Womens - 342m - Par 4

With a sharp dogleg right and then the river protecting the green makes this one tough!


Tee 016.png
Tee 017.png
Tee 018.png

Hole 16

Mens - 331m - Par 4
Womens - 288m - Par 4
Time for some more accuracy off the tee. Water, trees, slopes, and a narrow fairway, what more could you want?

Hole 17

Mens - 391m - Par 4
Womens - 391m - Par 5
Elevated tee, dogleg right and river protecting the green. Select your shots carefully!

Hole 18

Mens - 143m - Par 3
Womens - 136m - Par 3
A nice way to finish your round of golf with this par 3.

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