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Our Legacy

The Marysville Golf Club was established in 1967 with the 18-hole golf course as it currently exists being opened in 1974.  However, golf has been played and enjoyed in Marysville since 1931-1932, following the donation of land by the Dowdle family for a nine-hole course.  The Marysville Community Golf and Bowls Club (MCGBC) was formed in 1990 following the merger of the golf and bowls clubs. 

The MCGBC has always been a community-based organisation and community focal point, this was never more so than following the aftermath of the tragic Black Saturday fires of 2009 that took so many lives and destroyed the township. During the dark period following the fires the MCGBC was a significant community focal point with the club rooms being largely in-tact and available for community use.

Indeed, the MCGBC has been a regular contributor to the fabric of activity of the Marysville and Triangle and broader districts with a year-round weekly calendar of activities being maintained with regular engagement with Eildon, Alexandra, Yea, Euroa and Strathbogie and other Dalhousie District golf clubs and communities. These activities are reported to the community on a weekly basis.

As such, part of the rationale for the upgrade of the facilities with the support of the State Government and key philanthropic benefactors was to strengthen the MCGBC capability to engage with and provide support and connection with the community.

The creation, maintenance and improvement of the golf course throughout the years, even before the fires, has all been as a result of volunteer input from community members and the extended membership from the suburbs of Melbourne. This includes donations and fund raising for fixed assets and facilities.

The result is seen in the consistently high standard of presentation of the golf course and clubroom facilities and overall vista within the Steavenson River valley, which is a source of great pride amongst the volunteers who actively support the Club and the subject of admiration for all who drive past this magical place, golfers and non-golfers alike.

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Storage Shed after the 2009 fires

Golf Carts

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​​Post-fire benevolence

As noted above, the MCGBC was the grateful beneficiary of a substantial State Government grant as well as philanthropic grants from the Minderoo Foundation, the Russell Crowe Foundation and Andrew Fox. These grants were tied to the substantially upgrading the club’s hospitality facilities including the club rooms, golf-shop, members’ lounge, bar area, kitchen, meeting room, bowls and golf office, dining room and external areas. The caveat being that the facilities should provide a “community asset” for enhancing the MCGBC’s ability to service community functional needs, as well as offering a substantial recreational, sporting, social community hub for the Marysville and Triangle communities.

These works were undertaken in 2013/2014 and officially opened by the then Deputy Premier Mr Peter Ryan, in September 2014.

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