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Golf Report - 31 July 2022

It was another quiet week for the golfers at the Marysville Golf Club with only the results of the final round of the Winter Aggregate to report. The winner of the aggregate is decided by adding up the scores from the two rounds and those with the lowest nett score win the competition. The winner of the ladies competition was Jody Doran who scored 72 nett in the first round and 74 nett in the second round to finish with a grand total of 146 nett. Gail Leigh (11) was the runner up with nett 150. Jody also was the daily winner on Saturday with 74 nett and won the nearest the pin on the 4th and 9th holes. Heather Jenkins (21) was the daily runner up with nett 76 and also won the putting with 28 putts. Congratulations to Jody on her victory. The winner of the men’s Winter Aggregate was Ross Ansell (12) who had 75 nett in each round finishing with a total of 150 nett just one point ahead of Steve Coker. Congratulations to Ross on his victory. The men’s daily winner with nett 70 was Ming Kuan (15) followed by Steve Coker (18) with nett 74. Next Saturday both the men and the ladies will play a stroke round for the monthly medal with the ladies teeing off from the 10th tee at 9.45.

On Sunday 7th August Marysville will host the Dalhousie District Bowl with teams of 4 from a number of clubs playing in the event.

Lesley Rundle



Seems I have generated some interest with the rules in the past couple of weeks.

Which is fantastic!

We have had a couple of scenarios presented (players on the course). The one with Heather appears to show her in a penalty area (defined by the red stakes) but we cannot be absolutely sure as we cannot see the stake behind the person taking the photo. As a result of this there has been a couple of questions so let's assume she is in the penalty area then you need to consider the following :

  • Preferred lies are not an option in a penalty area

  • You can touch the ground lightly with your club behind the ball - Rule 8.1b/1

Stay tuned for more interesting scenarios to get you talking during your round of golf!

Andrew O'Shea

MCG&BC Committee Member & Golf Australia Level 2 Rules accredited.

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