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Golf Report - 24 July 2022

Last Saturday both the men and ladies played a stroke round for the 1st round of the Winter Aggregate event. The ladies daily winner was Gail Leigh (11) with nett 72 followed by Jody Doran (12) with nett 74. The men’s daily winner was Duncan Talbot (9) with nett 71 and Colin Davies (26) with nett 74 was the runner up. The nearest the pins were won by Gail Leigh, Duncan Talbot and Keith Atwell who also won the Golden Shot. Jody Doran won the putting with 27 putts.

Peter Lilley and Paul Martin played their match as part of the mixed match play event and Paul was the winner 3-2. Paul will now meet Steve Coker in the second round on 13th August.

Members welcomed Carolyn Hay to the competition and Carolyn has now become a member of the club. Carolyn hopes to play regularly in the Saturday competitions when she spends time in her holiday house in the local area.

On Sunday August 7th Marysville members are hosting the Dalhousie Mixed Bowl event. All local golfers are invited to enter a team of 4 players and must register with Helen Findlay from the Alexandra Golf Club. Details are on the flyer which has been distributed to all clubs and can be found on the Dalhousie website.

Next Saturday both the men and ladies will play a stroke for the second round of the Winter Aggregate.

Lesley Rundle



Local Rules

For those that missed last weeks information with respect to the Local Rules you may want to go back and revisit this. There was also a little quiz thrown in to see if it stimulated any conversation about the predicament that Heather found herself in. Similar to the situation Gail finds herself in with the picture above taken on the weekend.

It was our very own Men's Captain who was quick with putting his thoughts into writing to see if all bases were covered, and they were.

His response below:

  • Heather can play it and she is allowed to touch the ground.

  • Preferred lies are through the green so in theory Heather can also move the ball one hand span.

  • Heather can also take a one stroke penalty and move the ball two club lengths no closer to the hole. Rule 19

  • Heather could go back in line with the pin as far as she likes for one stroke (please make sure you read the rule for this one as it has changed). Rule 19

  • Return to the tee and play three from the tee.

Andrew O'Shea

MCG&BC Committee Member & Golf Australia Level 2 Rules accredited.

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