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Golf Report - 2 April 2023

It was another busy week for the Marysville golfers with the ladies playing in events at Mansfield and Seymour and the men’s pennant team playing at Eildon. Members on Saturday hosted the golfers from the Lakeside golf club for the annual challenge. The Lakeside golf course at Albert Park is unavailable to the players during the three weeks

of the Grand Prix Festival and for 13 years the golfers have been coming to Marysville to play. This year approximately 80 golfers playeda stableford round for the Challenge Cup. With 6 wins each this 13th event was won by Lakeside. The Lakeside winners were Susan Gallagher, Jan Olszewski, Fiona Murray, and Deb Byass and Sabrina Stow, Peter Jeffery, Ming Kuan and Ross Ansell were on the daily winners list for Marysville. Congratulations to Lakeside on their victory. As with any event such as this a number of people contributed to the successful day and all members who helped in any way were thanked profusely by captain Colin Davies. The Lakeside captain David Baldwin spoke on behalf of the visitors and spoke highly of the tradition, the friendly competition and the condition of the course assuring players that Lakeside would return next year. Next Saturday a stroke round will be played for the April monthly medal.

As mentioned previously Mansfield, Seymour and Eildon were the Dalhousie destinations this week. Three ladies played in the Mansfield Bowl and three played in The Jean Wallder Bowl at Seymour. Whilst they didn’t bring home any trophies they enjoyed the events and congratulated Mansfield for winning their own Bowl and Trentham for winning the Jean Wallder Bowl. This week there are no Dalhousie ladies’events but ladies played on Monday at a charity day at The Heritage Golf Club in Wonga Park. The men’s pennant team played Yea at Eildon and were beaten 5-nil. Congratulations to Yea on an excellent result and members would like to thank Steve Coker, Steve Berry, Richy Clark, Keith Atwell and Colin Davies for representing Marysville. They next play Alexandra at Strathbogie.

On Tuesday the Dalhousie Veterans event was played at Marysville and results will be given next week.

The two golf clinics for women were very successful and the club have received a lot of positive feedback. Many thanks to Peter Lilley, Jillian Chandler, Jody Doran and Briony Hickey for organising the clinics and to all the ladies who attended. Travis Harrison is an outstanding coach and members thank him for travelling from Melbourne to conduct the clinics.

Due to the end of daylight saving The Friday Fun night has turned into Friday Afternoon of Fun! As from Friday 14thApril golfers can gather at the club at 1pm to play 4, 6 or 9 holes with some of the members. There may also be some of the putting and hole in one games using the unique wooden clubs. Local and visiting golfers are welcome and the ladies who have just completed the golf clinics are particularly encouraged to attend. The club thank Jim Bisset and Sally Kindness for continuing to coordinate this initiative.

Lesley Rundle

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