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Golf Report - 10 July 2022

Last Thursday in cold weather the nine holers played a stableford round on the back nine holes. The winner was Keith Atwell with 23 points and the runner up with 20 points was Colin Davies. Keith also won the nearest the pin on the 18th hole. He is also in the lead after 10 rounds of the Nine Hole Winter Competition with an excellent 27 points. Dave Robins and Ray Jones are currently in second place with 18 points. Well played Keith. The Thursday competition is held every week with registration at 12.30 for a 1.00pm tee off.

On Saturday the men played the second round of the Par Shield. The winner was Duncan Talbot (10) with square. The runner up was Peter Lilley (18) with -2. The qualifiers for the final of the Par Shield later in the year were Duncan Talbot, Peter Lilley, Yewls Kuan and Brian Worcester. The ladies played a stableford round and the winner was Gail Leigh (11) with 34 points. The runner up was Carolyn Hay (23) with 31 points. Carolyn was welcomed to the competition and as she owns a house locally we hope that she will be a regular player in the Saturday competition. The nearest the pins were won by Duncan Talbot, Adam Littlejohn, Andrew O’ Shea and Yewls Kuan who also won the Golden Shot. It was pleasing to see Heather Jenkins walking the course after her recent illness and members wish her well for further recovery.

Next Saturday the first round of the mixed match play will be held and a stroke round will be played by those who are not playing in the match play.

A reminder that Marysville Golf Club members are hosting the Dalhousie District Mixed Bowl on Sunday 7th August. Details can be found on the flyer on the club website. For more information about the club please ring 59633241 or look on the website.

Lesley Rundle



First up I would like to say well done to all the Saturday players who played at a good pace on the weekend. The leading groups played in 3's and managed 3 hours 30 minutes! The following groups in 4's managed just over 4 hours.

Fairly Taking a Stance - Rule 8.1b/4 is an interesting one as this came up during our round on Saturday on two separate occasions. There are always differing views on what is allowed and what isn't when your ball is under a tree or in long grass. I have been guilty of doing some of the things mentioned below so here are some things you are NOT allowed to do when taking your stance or your when your ball is in long grass (including in a hazard).

Examples of Not “Fairly Taking a Stance”

Examples of actions that are not considered fairly taking a stance and will result in a penalty under Rule 8.1a if they improve conditions affecting the stroke include:

  • Deliberately moving, bending or breaking branches with a hand, a leg or the body to get them out of the way of the backswing or stroke.

  • Standing on tall grass or weeds in a way that pushes them down and to the side so that they are out of the way of the area of intended stance or swing, when a stance could have been taken without doing so.

  • Hooking one branch on another or braiding two weeds to keep them away from the stance or swing.

  • Using a hand to bend a branch that obscures the view of the ball after taking the stance.

  • Bending an interfering branch in taking a stance when a stance could have been taken without doing so.

Good golfing everyone!

Andrew O'Shea

MCG&BC Committee Member & Golf Australia Level 2 Rules accredited.

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