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Golf Report - 03 July 2022

Last Saturday in excellent weather conditions both the men and the ladies played a stroke round for the July monthly medal and the ladies round incorporated the second round of the Barton Shield.

The ladies winner of the July monthly medal was Jody Doran (13) with nett 77 followed by Gail Leigh (11) with nett 78. Jody and Gail also qualified for the final of the Barton Shield to be played in October. Steve Coker (19) won the men’s medal with nett 70 followed by Mark Bambery (23) with nett 73. The nearest the pins were won by Duncan Talbot, Steve Berry, Yewls Kuan and Mark Leitinger. Duncan and Mark won the golden shot and Mark Bambery won the putting with 27 putts.

During the presentation members were delighted to welcome new member Jason De Boer to the club. Our thanks to Steve Berry for supplying golfers with some ready to burn kindling for their open fires. Next Saturday the men will play the second round of the Par Shield whilst the ladies play a stableford round.

The Thursday nine hole competition always attracts a good number of golfers and each week members and visitors can register at 12.30 for a 1.00pm hit off. Last Thursday the nine holers played Par on the front nine holes and Jillian Chandler blitzed the field with + 4. The runner up with + 2 was Geoff Ferguson and Gail Leigh won the nearest the pin on the 4th hole. Congratulations to all our weekly winners.

Each year included in the Saturday syllabus is a three round mixed matchplay competition. The three rounds this year will be played on July 16th, August 13th and August 27th. If members wish to enter this competition please contact Yewls Kuan as soon as possible.

A reminder that the Dalhousie Mixed Bowl will be held at Marysville on Sunday August 7th. It is an Open event and golfers from Districts other than Dalhousie are welcome to enter. More details later.

For more information about the Marysville Community Golf and Bowls Club contact the club on 5963 3241 or look at the informative website.

Lesley Rundle



It is a problem faced at golf clubs and golf tournaments the world over and debated within Match Committees and amongst referees constantly.

"How do we get members/players to pick up the pace of play?"

This is not an easy topic and some people find it difficult at times to have the tough conversations with players, but the reality is that golf is a game for all to enjoy. So how do we, the members at Marysville, pick up the pace?

Some would say it is not a problem, there would even be some that believe they just need to stay comfortably in front of the group behind! Then there are those that simply say, "What's the hurry? Can't we just enjoy being out here!"

Rule 5.6b covers Prompt Pace of Play.

A round of golf is meant to be played at a prompt pace.

Your pace of play is likely to affect how long it will take other players to play their rounds, including both those in your group and those in following groups. You are encouraged to allow faster groups to play through.

The rule even offers advice on how to improve pace of play. From a club perspective please be mindful of holding players up (including green fee players) that are behind you, and remember that there are members/friends waiting at the clubhouse to socialise with you and to hear the results and other news which can only happen once everyone has completed their round.

Next time you are playing golf anywhere, please remember that there is an expectation of how long you should be taking to play a round of golf (unless you are the only person on the golf course).

Good golfing everyone and let us all enjoy this wonderful game.

Andrew O'Shea

MCG&BC Committee Member & Golf Australia Level 2 Rules accredited.

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