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Golf Report - 17 July 2022

This past week must surely have been one of the coldest weeks for a while and although conditions were difficult out on the course a few players were prepared to brave the weather to play in the weekly competitions. The normal golfing wear was abandoned and out came the beanies, the wet weather gear and maybe the long johns and thermals.

The Thursday nine holers played stroke on the front nine and despite the uncomfortable conditions there were some good results. The winner was Geoff Ferguson with an excellent nett 36 followed by Gail Leigh with nett 38. Gail also won the nearest the pin on the 9th hole and Geoff won the putting with 12 putts. It was obviously the Ferguson - Leigh Show but apparently there were a number of other golfers playing.

On Saturday 14 golfers played the first round of the Mixed Matchplay event. Match play is the game played in Pennant and whilst the mixed game is unusual it gives the Marysville players a chance to practice the match play format. Yewls Kuan beat Travers Stow 5-4, Jody Doran beat Steve Berry 4-2, Mim Page beat Heather Jenkins 3-1, Ming Kuan beat Gail Leigh 2-1, Keith Atwell beat Bec Lee 2-1, Richard Clark beat Duncan Talbot 2-1, and Steve Coker beat Jillian Chandler 6-4. Peter Lilley and Paul Martin were unable to play but will do so before the next round. In the second round on August 13 Mim will play Yewls, Jody will play Keith, Ming and Richard will compete against each other and Steve Coker will play either Peter or Paul. Jody Doran is to be congratulated on winning 3 of the 4 nearest the pins and the Golden Shot. Ming Kuan won the remaining nearest the pin on the 11th hole. Those who were eliminated in the first round will play stableford on the 13 August. Our thanks to Yewls Kuan for organizing this event and to Richard Clark for substituting for Colin Davies at the presentation.

Those who were unable to play in the match play played a stableford round which was won by Brian Worcester (18) with 32 points on a countback from Adam Littlejohn (23).

Next Saturday both the men and the ladies will play a stroke round for the first round of the Winter Aggregate.

On Sunday August 7th Marysville will host the Dalhousie District Mixed Bowl. Any clubs who wish to enter teams in this event can register with Helen Findlay as explained on the flyer which has been sent to all clubs.

Lesley Rundle

Just a spot of bother!


Local Rules

This is something that comes up way too often and generally happens when someone is playing at a course they have never played at, or it has been some time since last there.

For those that haven't gone through every page on our very own website, we have a section on the clubs common local rules that are in play throughout the year. There are some that get changed on the board at the club for conditions such as winter where we get preferred lies so please make sure you check the board.

Click here to view the local rules on the website.

IDEA: Maybe bookmark this page so you can go to it quickly if needed.

You can also download the R&A (Players Edition) Rules app onto your mobile device. Click here to check out the apps. It is a great app with search functions and easy to follow videos and diagrams to help understand the rules even better.

The other thing you can do (thanks to Trav for this tip) is take a photo of the Local Rules board wherever you are playing so you can refer to that as well.

I will always help with questions about the rules (which seems to happen a lot), but I will always refer to the rules to ensure what I am saying is correct. I might be a Rules Accredited Official with Golf Australia but it does not mean that I remember it all. 😉

QUIZ: For those playing next Saturday it would be good to have a chat with your fellow golfers about what the options are for Heather in the pic above. There are more than you probably realise! 😊

From the R&A Rules of Golf:

Rule 1 Purpose: Rule 1 introduces these central principles of the game:

  • Play the course as you find it and play your ball as it lies.

  • Play by the Rules and in the spirit of the game.

  • You are responsible for applying your own penalties if you breach a Rule, so that you cannot gain any potential advantage over your opponent in match play or other players in stroke play.

Andrew O'Shea

MCG&BC Committee Member & Golf Australia Level 2 Rules accredited.

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